Motivational Thoughts… It’s Time To Get Your Happy Back

Written by Rene Godefroy

Motivational Thoughts Be Happy

You might already know that it’s easy to think negative, feel sad and depressed. I don’t need to tell you this. You experienced being unhappy and negative all the time. That happens effortlessly.

Simply wake up and do nothing to change your mood and attitude. Before you know it, you start radiating a negative attitude. This is especially true if you hand around negative people. Let me put it this way for you:

Negative thinking is like your backyard. Have you ever noticed how weeds can take over your yard and grow wild? Here’s the next question: Do you ever wonder where weeds come from? Really, who planted those seeds? The short is answer is, NOBODY.

Weeds are automatic. They do not need your permission or your consent to blossom. You don’t need to have any motivational thoughts. All you have to do is to leave your yard unattended for a few days, and you’ll start seeing them everywhere.

On the other, you would NOT wake up and notice tomatoes, lettuce, or cabbage growing automatically in your yard, right? So, why is that? Well, that’s where the power of having positive and motivational thoughts comes into play. You have to actively grow what you desire in your yard. And that requires persistent motivational thoughts.

You see, if you want to have nice and beautiful vegetables in your yard, you have to plant them. You have to do some work. That’s right. I’m not talking about “The Secret”. This is not only about motivational thoughts. It’s also about work.

You have to physically go to the store and buy some seeds. You have to come home and prepare the ground to get it ready. After you plant those seeds, you have to continue to nurture them in order to have a great harvest. Simple put, you have to attend your garden.

Your mind is no different from your back yard. Leave it unattended, you are in trouble. You need to deliberately plant some positive motivational thoughts in it. You can’t wake up and hope to eventually get into a positive mental attitude throughout the day. No. You have to create it.

Think about it this way: There lots of people in your workplace or in your personal circle that do nothing to cultivate their mind positively. They rarely have positive and motivational thoughts.

That means you are surrounded by lots of negative people. Maybe I should say you are surrounded by a bunch of undesirable weeds. Oh, I forgot to mention this to you. Did you know that weeds have a way to choke the life out of your good vegetables if you don’t pull them out? That’s right!

That goes to say the negative people around you can choke the life out of you as well if you don’t flood your mind with positive and motivational thoughts. That’s crazy when you think about it. You have two gardens to take care.

You have to watch out the thoughts you are contemplating and the negative people who are around you constantly feeding you negative thoughts.

Now, that’s scary, isn’t it? You are not thinking motivational thoughts and the people in your circle are not thinking motivational thoughts either. Can you see the impact that can have you throughout your life? All right, what’s the lesson here?

5 Tips On How To Use Motivational Thoughts To Stay Happy

  1. Choose your company well… Associate yourself with people who have positive and motivational thoughts. That may sound like a cliché to you. But PLEASE don’t dismiss it. Be VERY selective when it comes to choosing your friends as they can set the wrong course for your future.
  2. Be intentional. Don’t waste your time making friends with people who can bring you down. The right friends can trigger the right motivational thoughts for you. I don’t care how positive you are, people can have a negative impact on you.
  3. Monitor your thoughts. Catch yourself thinking negatively and reverse those thoughts to positive and motivational thoughts. You are constantly thinking. It’s your duty to monitor your thoughts. Every now and then, wake up and catch yourself thinking. Deliberately think some motivational thoughts. Think of something pleasant… Something you want to happen to you. By default, we are always thinking what we don’t want to happen to us.
  4. Read something positive. That’s right! I’m asking to read positive books, listen to CDs, and watch DVDs. I guarantee you if you put a bunch of CDs in your car and listen to them to and from work, your attitude will be different. They will cause you to think motivational thoughts. You will be more productive. Try it.
  5. Plant the right seeds then watch for the weeds. Your mind is like a backyard. If you neglect it, weeds to take over and ruin it. Weeds are automatic and so it negative thoughts. You are have pull those suckers out. You see, negligence is really bad. I remember seeing a few weeds three years ago in my backyard. I neglected to pull them out. Guess what? Now they are trees that I need to pay someone to uproot for me. Do you see my point? Zap the negative thoughts out early. Then, plant a bunch of positive and motivational thoughts to overtake the negative ones.

Let me conclude by saying that happiness is like a full-time job. Also, you probably have heard all this stuff before. Maybe this is the time for you to finally take charge of your mind and be the captain of your ship. Steer your life in the directions you want to. Choose happiness over sadness. No one will come along and crank up your happiness engine. No! You have to do it yourself. Why wait?

Being and staying happy is hard work. You can’t read this and say, “I want to think positive and motivational thoughts so I can be happy.” Although I’m happy you would say so to yourself, I urge to make it a mantra. Be consistent and intentional. Think positive and motivational thoughts daily. Do you see what I mean? Great! Go ahead and start flooding your brain with motivational thoughts.

Here’s A Motivational Video Created By Rene Godefroy To Boost Your Morale And Pick You Up

Random Motivational Thoughts

When you reach the end of your rope in a toxic relationship, graciously cut it and let it loose instead of allowing it to hang you.
--Rene Godefroy