Positive Thoughts – The Key To Success

Having positive thoughts is not necessarily the key to success. Yes, you do need to think positive thoughts. But, it’s NOT everything. Instead, let me share with you what is the key to success.

Growing up in my impoverished village in Haiti, I had plenty of time available to me to contemplate nature. The reason is simple… there was not very much to do in the village. I would spend many hours gazing into the blue skies. The stars mesmerized me. There were times when I could even see different shapes in the moon.

Maybe it was my imagination. I remember seeing the silhouette of a Jeep. When I was a kid, I was always told that someone went to the moon with Jeep and left it there. For whatever reason, that stuck in your head. I believed it. Go figure! Needless to say we often see what we choose to have positive thoughts about.

Back in those days, I had a fascination for the birds. In the evening, I would seat by the ocean and watch as they made their way back to their homes. Everyday, they would travel far to go find their daily bread. In the evening they would travel back. To this day, I still notice somewhat the same behavioral patterns in human beings. If you pay attention, you will notice…

Very early in the morning, the highways are crowded with cars. Then in the evening, those cars would surface again. The trip is always from North to South. Just like the birds, it seems like the rich would travel from North to South to go find the money. Anyway, let me get on with one of my most powerful positive thoughts.

As a child, I was really fascinated with hummingbirds. We all can learn some things from them. I was always really intrigued by their ingenuity, and patience. The hummingbirds have something most people lack. It is probably why very few people succeed in life.

The hummingbirds are extremely PATIENT. We are living in a world where most people want instant gratification. They want it now. They have what I call the microwave mindset. They go out and do a bunch of stuff hoping to get results. Let me share with you how the hummingbird does it. Maybe you can learn some positive thoughts from it.

I used to seat for hours under the Guava tree observing a hummingbird. Patiently it would gently lay down the first twig. Then, off it goes for another trip. It doesn’t matter if it takes the bird one thousand trips fetching for twigs. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we, human beings, could develop such incredible patience as it relates to success?

The bird would patiently weave the twigs. Day in and day out, it continues to labor patiently. In just a few hours, the nest began to take shape.

Today, I use the hummingbird’s nest as a metaphor for life. I share the bird’s wisdom with many of my fans the world over. The most powerful lesson here is the fact that the hummingbird does not seat around and contemplating about building a nest. No. It takes consistent actions to get it done.

There are many people that will tell you they want to have their own business one day, get a promotion, become a star, and this and that. But they never found the courage to start. They refuse to lay down their first twig.

I can hear you say, “I don’t have enough money, time, and/or connections?” Well, how about starting with one twig? How about starting where you are with what you have. The important lesson here is this: You don’t need money to start. You only need your creativity or imagination.

The way to the top is to strategically weave your success nest patiently one twig at a time without being discourage. Let me share with you a few actions you can take without spending money:

1. Make a phone call and ask your prospect to buy from you

2. Enroll in some evening classes to upgrade your skills

3. Go to a networking event to meet likeminded people

4. Join an association in your field and become active member

5. Learn or master a new software program or process in your company

6. Pick up that book you intended to read… Learn something new

In life, the little things have a way to get in your way. Look at it way: It’s a lot easier to sit on a mountain than a tack. Well, come to think of it, I bet you don’t want to seat on a tack, do you? I know you don’t. I just want to make a point.

I’m sure you have heard this saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step.” My question you is this: Why aren’t you starting to take the first step? What’s holding you back?

The reality is, the first step can liberate and free you up to start living your dream. From now on, think like a hummingbird. Ask yourself, “What is my first twig?” I told you this is one of my most powerful positive thoughts for a good reason.

My positive thoughts got where I am today. I learn to start in spite of my fear. I learn to start in spite of the fact I don’t have the financial means.

Lay down your first twig. May you build a solid nest and leave a legacy in the process!